What is the Self?

Satsang with the Self by Channel Higher Self

The Self is a spiritual word for our true nature - who we are beyond the ego, body, emotions, and mind. The Self is a direct experience of our truth, the I AM.

What is a Satsang?

Satsang with the Self by Channel Higher Self

Satsang means in the company of truth. When all of life is realized as the direct experience of One Self, every moment is a satsang and a true miracle.

Presented by Channel Higher Self

Satsang with the Self

Satsang with the Self Topics

Below is a list of suggested topic for the Satsang with the Self video channelling series. All topics have been submitted by Satsang with the Self viewers and participants. I will draw satsang video topics from this list. Due to the volume of satsang topics, not all submitted topics will be answered.

If you would like to submit your own Satsang with the Self topic suggestion, please contact me.




Satsang with the Self Topics

Satsang topics that have already been answered are clickable links.

  • My ultimate desire is to know the Self within. But does not that very desire block the process?
  • Can you speak more on the term "surrender"? I am never sure what I am surrendering.
  • What does higher self have to say on the importance of physical exercise in one's spiritual practice?
  • What is Satsang?
  • I am interested to know how can I use the personality as a tool to interact with the world around now that I am staying more and more in the now? What role does the personality have in my experience in the physical realm?
  • "Knowing God intimately through Silence" or "The importance of Silence for experiencing God/True Self"
  • What is reiki, and what do attunements or energy systems like these do? What is their true origin and intention? Can it help to remember that we are the light?
  • What are 'ascended masters'?
  • What can the higher Self say about the group of ascended masters who call themselves The Great White Brotherhood? (also known as the White lodge, The Brotherhood and The Brotherhood Of Light.)
  • Who is the entity that people like to call as Saint Germain?
  • What is this so called violet flame that Saint Germain gave to humanity? Can the violet flame be used during meditations by visualizing oneself in a violet flame, or by singing a mantra? Is it really the high frequency spiritual energy that can transmute negative energy and karma into positive energy', like what is believed by so many people?
  • Can tarotcards and astrology tell us the future?
  • Do planets, stars and their position, have influence on our habitual reactions on this planet? If so, are we freed from this experience when we discover we are the light, when we discover we are God?
  • Can you speak more on the term "surrender"? I am never sure what I am surrendering.
  • I'd like to understand the nature of animals. I've always felt a deeper connection to them than I have with people, and when I look at them, they are grand beings that I deeply love and treasure. But I'd like to understand the nature of their spirit, is it different than humans? And if so, how?
  • People who were born (mentally) disabled, profoundly deaf (not seeing and being able the hear) or people with for example down syndrome: what can we learn form these people? Can they come to the same understanding of what life actually is?
  • Are some places on earth more sacred and pure than others, and what can the Higher Self tell us about pilgrimiges to those places? Does 'promised land' exist?
  • What does the Higher Self have to say about personality disorders? Like schizoid, depression, anxiety disorders, etc.
  • How does one leverage themselves into perfection when oneself is flawed. How can one see purity and become pure when one is not seeing the world through god's eyes, but from ego's eyes, from the eyes of "self"
  • What happens in life after death? Why are we so afraid of death?
  • If one completely becomes selfless by transforming into a 100% service-to-others being (raising their vibrations) - will they literally disappear from our 3rd density existence?
  • If one raises their vibrations high enough, are they immune to many of the ailments (chemicals in the air etc) that make 'normal' people sick?
  • Are you a 6th density being?
  • Higher Self on ADHD / ADD
  • Do we all have the same Higher Self or is it different for everybody?
  • Behavior addictions, such as pornography, drugs, shop-lifting
  • Why are there mentally and physically handicapped individuals and what divine purpose do they serve? Does their disorder serve them?
  • What is the benefit of old age and the deterioriation of the body? How can one help those along the path of aging towards death in a healing way?
  • Is there a relation between being able to sleep and being able to surrender into the self? Isn't it so that if you have trouble sleeping, most of the time your thoughts keep you awake. The same thoughts that keep you from surrendering into the self. But is being able to sleep fast a 'sign' you can easily surrender into the self?
  • Is sleep similiar to the dying process? Are we reborn every time we wake up from sleep?
  • How to increase Chi power and to better control it.
  • How does personal experiences have a connection or impact with the Higher Self and how we are able to find it even if you don't know it yet?
  • In past channelings the Higher Self has referred to the need for courage in advancing the awareness of who we are. Would you ask the Higher Self to expand on this notion? Is it that the death of the egoic self may be a difficult process and demand the courage to which the Higher Self refers?
  • What is karma?
  • What is luck?
  • Why do we experience fear? Especially around people of the opposite sex.
  • Is life a lesson and do we need to learn it before we have access to our Higher Self?
  • Humans are subject to Maya, Ego, 9 Planets influence, Karma etc. So how would u suggest a person to realise the self/God within, inspite of these blocks?
  • I know when we come together in relationships it is to heal aspects of ourselves and our partner can serve as a mirror for us, or it may be a karmic relationship. I am wondering how we approach relationships after we connect to our higher selves and no longer feel the need to have a relationship, or no longer feel the need to play by the old rules?
  • After you reach enlightenment or after you have had a glimpse.....do we really need a relationship?
  • Advice about interacting with others. Should I remain more silent? How can I best help others and myself on our spiritual journey together?
  • Why is there so much animal suffering? Since animals do not have the cognitive ability to make conscious choices about their behavior, how have they accrued such karma? What "lessons" are they learning? Are they experiencing the karma of previous lives as humans who ate meat, wore fur etc.?
  • What is the purpose of sex and sexual energy?
  • A topic of great confusion to me is the following, how in living in the NOW, not attempting to plan or control future events do we do the mundane necessities of survival in this linear existence? Such as planning for work, laundry, grocery shopping, money planning etc....
  • Why do our bodies decay, get sick and die?
  • A baby which is in its mothers womb - does the unborn baby have a soul or is it just a vacant body of flesh?
  • How can I tell when an impulse or urge to help a community that is touched with global suffering, is coming from authentic self or ego?
  • Mass Consciousness / Collection Consciousness
  • Spirit guide agreements and connections
  • Learning and evolving through difficult life situations
  • Human energy system chakras
  • Creating and/or experiencing more joy
  • Energy attunements and upgrades
  • The role of ignorance in spiritual practice
  • How can the source get mixed up with the instrument in which it expresses itself?


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Satsang with the Self is the gathering of Souls to celebrate the highest truth of who we are: pure, unconditional Love Consciousness.