What is the Self?

Satsang with the Self by Channel Higher Self

The Self is a spiritual word for our true nature - who we are beyond the ego, body, emotions, and mind. The Self is a direct experience of our truth, the I AM.

What is a Satsang?

Satsang with the Self by Channel Higher Self

Satsang means in the company of truth. When all of life is realized as the direct experience of One Self, every moment is a satsang and a true miracle.

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Satsang with the Self

Satsang with the Self videos

April 2010

Watch the Higher Self channelling videos provided below. All videos are divided into 10-minute parts and video streamed for faster viewing. Text transcripts will be provided as they are completed.

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April 3, 2010

Become Aware of the Sea of Love Within You

Humanity has been conditioned to desire happiness and look for happiness in the outside world. Humanity has been taught that happiness will come from more money, faster cars, bigger homes, a thinner body, and bigger muscles. And yet, when we achieve these goals, the brief happiness fades and the mind still searches.

Existing within you is a Sea of Love – endless Love of which you are part.  All of life lives within this Sea of Love, however very few people make the effort to experience this Love.

This Channel Higher Self video guides you in a meditation to experience the Sea of Love within your Spiritual Heart, leading you to expand your awareness to experience the Sea of Love everywhere and in all things. This Love is the energy of Life itself. There is nothing separate. All is One. All is Love.

Many blessings and much Love!

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April 10, 2010

Integrate the Dark Shadow Side of our Psyche

In Psychology and many modern New Age spiritual teachings, much emphasis is placed on the dark side or shadow side of our personal psyche. Teachings advise us to work with our dark shadow side, to understand it, heal it, and integrate it.

Is working on healing the dark shadow side of our psyche an effective spiritual practice? How should we go about working on the dark shadow aspect of our psyche? Are there specific tools or methods that are most effective?

In this Higher Consciousness video by Chanel Higher Self, learn more about the relationship between light and dark, our conscious mind and subconscious mind, and the shadow side of our psyche. Understand the relationship between the various parts of our mind, emotions and psyche. Learn how to best work with our psyche to create peace and wholeness.

This Channel Higher Self video will explore and unravel many of the mysteries of our mind and provide you will clear strategies to create wholeness, healing, more peace and love.

Many blessings and much Love!

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April 17, 2010

Discern Your Spiritual Guidance. Manifest from the Soul.

Is it difficult for you to discern where your spiritual guidance is coming from? Do you have difficulty trusting the intuition and guidance that your receive? How can you be sure that you are manifesting from your Soul and not your ego?

This Channel Higher Self video teaching will help you to manifest from a place of higher consciousness and spiritual energy your Soul. Learn the basic principles of communication with your Soul and how to manifest in harmony with your Soul.

Recognize communication from your spiritual energy chakras compared to the energy of the Soul. Learn that the chakras are energy centers that shape your personality. Whereas the Spiritual Heart energy center in the Causal Energy Body is where the energy and intelligence of the Soul manifests.

Learn how to recognize the difference between the verbal language of the ego, the distortions caused by the emotional body’s memories and associations, and the pure language of the Soul.

Understand that creative energy and intelligence are two inseparable aspects of the consciousness of your Soul. It is the creative energy and intelligence that come into your body to give it life, and leave the body together at the time of death. By understanding and connecting more fully to this flow of intelligent life energy within you, you are strengthening your connection to your Soul.

The information and energy in this higher consciousness video teaching by Channel Higher Self will help you to better understand the layers of your own mind, body, and energy system. You will gain knowledge and confidence helping you to improve your ability to manifest as a conscious creative being.

Many blessings and much Love!

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April 24, 2010

Are we separate from God?

Are we separate from God? What is God? Who is God? Is there a God?

From our earliest memories, we are all taught to believe in God. Most of humanity believes in God yet many religions define God differently.  Some religions teach that God is a Supreme Being that exits outside of creation. Some religions teach that God is within all life. Some religions teach that only one man has ever experienced God. Some religions teach that anyone can experience God.

Are we separate from God? Is it possible to experience God?

This Channel Higher Self video looks at the power of human thought, belief, emotion and intention in relation to our search for God. Learn how to use every part of your being your mind, emotions, body, and senses to experience God. Understand the power that our minds have to create our own experience of life and to determine if we are able to experience God.

This Channel Higher Self video may challenge you encouraging you to look at the belief system that you are creating to be your reality. Gain great freedom and happiness by having the strength to examine your mind and eliminate the illusions, lies, and misconceptions that are causing you suffering.

Many blessings and much Love!

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