What is the Self?

Satsang with the Self by Channel Higher Self

The Self is a spiritual word for our true nature - who we are beyond the ego, body, emotions, and mind. The Self is a direct experience of our truth, the I AM.

What is a Satsang?

Satsang with the Self by Channel Higher Self

Satsang means in the company of truth. When all of life is realized as the direct experience of One Self, every moment is a satsang and a true miracle.

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Satsang with the Self

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Satsang with the Self is a modern day re-creation of the traditional satsang teaching enivronment using 21st century technology. Take part in a digital internet ashram, video streamed to you over the internet every Saturday.


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All Satsang videos are available for purchase on video DVDs or as high resolution QuickTime .mov files. Digitally remastered audio CDs and mp3 files are also available.

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Satsang with the Self is the gathering of Souls to celebrate the highest truth of who we are: pure, unconditional Love Consciousness.


Who is Lincoln?

Lincoln is a Channel for Higher Self who has been offering free internet video spiritual teachings since 2007.

During his 99 day initiation into the Higher Self Consciousness, Lincoln has deepened his connection to his Inner Teacher, building a stronger bridge through which Higher Self spiritual guidance flows. While remaining in full consciousness of his body and physical surroundings, this channel is able to communicate messages from his non-physical Higher Self Consciousness or Soul.

After completing 99 Days 99 Channels, Lincoln was guided to create a weekly internet Satsang that would be more interactive than his previous video projects. Satsang with the Self serves as an internet classroom where Lincoln can share the Higher Self spiritual teachings will all who desire to take part.

As technology grows, so will the methods of communication and participation offered by Lincoln, a Channel for Higher Self, and creator of Satsang with the Self.

In the spirit of a traditional Satsang, no fees are required and donations are welcomed.

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